Installing Modern Pergolas & Cabanas for Delray Beach, FL, Homeowners & Business Owners 

Spending time outdoors is a major part of the lifestyle in Delray Beach, Florida, and at StruXure South Florida, we are proud to offer modern pergolas and cabanas to enhance that experience. StruXure systems are highly sought-after, award-winning products and, as a StruXure Platinum Dealer, we are the leading provider of luxury pergolas and cabanas for business owners and homeowners in the region.  

StruXure Pergolas 

StruXure’s Pergola X features a motorized louver design that allows you to let as much sun as you like on your patio space. When the louvers are closed, they interlock to become watertight so you can enjoy your outdoor space even during rain squalls. These motorized smart pergolas have rain and high wind sensors and adjust the louvers’ position automatically according to the weather conditions. 

To meet a variety of needs and preferences, we offer four different models of StruXure outdoor pergolas: 

  • Pivot 
  • Pivot XL 
  • Pan 6 
  • Pan 6 XL 

All of these models can be customized and site-specifically engineered to perfectly fit the patio of your home or business. At StruXure South Florida, we’ll handle everything from start to finish, including designing, obtaining the necessary permits for, and installing your pergola. 

Cabana X Products 

StruXure also offers the Cabana X, which is smaller than a pergola at about 10 feet by 10 feet. It offers the same louvered design but doesn’t have to be permanently installed like the Pergola X. The Cabana X has a much quicker lead time and simpler, faster assembly than its larger counterpart. Depending on how you plan to use it, the cabana can be enhanced with curtains, wall panels, corbels, and a foldable day couch. 

Contact Us Today 

To learn more about Pergola X and Cabana X products, contact StruXure South Florida today. We’d be delighted to design and install the perfect modern pergola for your Delray Beach home or business. 

Reviews of StruXure South Florida

StruXure South Florida is the leading provider of luxury motorized pergolas and cabanas, and we have maintained a sterling reputation among local homeowners and business owners for nearly a decade. See what our customers have to say about us.

“We added a StruXure system to the back of our event space and it's been the best investment yet. Perfect outdoor covering that allows me to utilize my outdoor space!”

Jessica G.

“I am very pleased with StruXure South Florida's product and professionalism. They kept me informed though-out the whole process and met their timeline. My pergola is very sturdy and already withstood a hurricane. I highly recommend them!”

Rodney W.

“The installation of our new pergola went perfectly. The whole team did a great job. From the coordinators, to the engineers, to the installers. They were professional, accurate, thorough, hardworking, thoughtful, friendly, polite and patient. A team with great professional ethics.”

Fernando J.